The first time I saw my heart CHANEL 2.55 whom more than two years ago, a small sushi shop in Japan. It is a special atmosphere to mention what the mood on the renovation, but the chef at the price of taste and chanel replica taste kind of store does not always make the store a few empty seats. My friends and I seat edge to a pair of very young couple, from the point of view of two people should dress casual or student. Shop small, aisle seats are also not too spacious, very natural girl put the bag hanging on the back of a chair. Black gold of 2.55, that I have on the road, shops, magazines seen countless times, barely familiar with what freshness of colors and styles. In the stores, you can see the bright lights dim leather corner following a very slight white, double C buckle and chanel outlet leather tied together with a gold chain, also made a long time after that use the unique mellow luster . See the girls age and attire, makes it easy to think that is borrowed her mother's CHANEL out date. Bag of pale hands no jewelry, just lovely on short nails carefully painted red nail polish. That scene has chanel replica changed for me in the past more or less there is a hint of old-fashioned gaudy CHANEL2.55 prejudices. An ordinary working-class family background, upbringing of young girls do not have a good makeup and excessive grooming, yet CHANEL replica 2.55 and big red nail polish together, as their understanding of female charm and yearning, this should be considered on a brand and products of the highest respect.

This has created many legends and classic by Gabrelle CHANEL (commonly known as CoCo CHANEL) founded by his name luxury brands, 2.55 is one of them. I remember the first time I saw was nearly twenty years ago in the streets of Japan, has been living in the country before due to a truly international brand name without any concepts and knowledge, just vaguely think many Japanese women are young and old this is a style with a packet. Now think about that time coincided with the end stages of Japan's bubble economy, staffing a (somewhat exaggerated ah) is one of the characteristics of that era. Later came to understand that is the real brand, but also for the students I know is simply astronomical prices, may miss the club or how much they loved CHANEL so I have some small bias.

Then later read Garment understand much more, admire the heart does not feel that although there are still suited to their age brand. Then have rarely seen CoCo CHANEL I designed version 2.55, mostly as a designer after by Karl LAGERFELD modified double C gold buckle and gold chain embedded in the leather strap style. It should be said that genius is Karl LAGERFELD extraordinary place, for that chanel replica matter extravagant era advocating the introduction of the most consistent product endorsements. And the degree respected CoCo I also exceeded the initial design, so a lot of people, including me, in a very long period of time, thought this is also known as Classic Flap style is never changed it's classic .

2.55 In recent years a big way when it every year, the new season and limited edition launch random combination of fake chanel various elements, the family has become increasingly large and diverse. This year coincides with the depreciation of the euro, I bought the classic minds 2.55-- my first band I know CHANEL's classic. While the clerk was kindly informed lambskin highest price and relatively delicate good care, but I did not choose a slightly rough temperament calf. Sheepskin unique plump and shiny, so I really can not resist.